Top 5 Live Chat Apps To Boost Conversion Rates In 2019

Live chat apps can significantly increase conversion rates, here is a list of some you should consider for your next project.

We all agree that live chat is essential to businesses but the real question is, are you converting your visitors? If the answer is no and you're looking to reduce visitor bounce rates and convert more users in 2019 then you shouldn't look beyond these battle-tested live chat apps. 

1. Chatra

Chatra is the right balance of free, sleek and modern. In other words, it's more like a combination of Intercom and Crisp for startups. Chatra has a ton of features available for free including offline messaging and a live chat widget featuring agent names, titles and pictures. The paid plan is very transparent and unlocks a ton of features that is worth the money any time.

Chatra also plays well with third-party apps like Slack, Facebook and Help Scout. We have benefitted from using Chatra at Conteidon and recommend it anytime.

2. Intercom

Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition, to engagement, and support. It's the most sophisticated live chat app ever and frequently the go-to solution for most VC funded startups.

If you've got the budget, then Intercom is for you although i recommend Intercom for large teams and not early stage startups.

3. Crisp

Thinking of a minimal version of Intercom? Then Crisp is for you. The Crispy Bird is really awesome and very important for converting visitors, it buys you about two minutes to reply to a visitor before they leave your site by allowing them play a game called Crispy Bird... Rad right? That's not all, Crisp also supports video calls right from the chatbox (that is so 2019) and an API, just in case you wanna get your hands dirty 🍻

4. GoSquared

Live chat software built specifically for converting and understanding visitors. According to GoSquared "Every visitor is a potential customer". GoSquared has a TV-friendly dashboard for displaying real-time analytics on the large screens which is very useful for pitching to investors or for team motivation (Remember Pied Piper from HBO's Silicon Valley? 😁). It integrates with People CRM, a GoSquared product that puts data about your visitors (leads) in one place at your finger tips. GoSquared is great if you're looking for a product that combines live chat with analytics and CRM but the picing can go up real quick over time.


This is the WordPress of the Live Chat industry, in the sense that it's used by a large number of websites because it's totally free to use forever.

Unlimited agents, unlimited chats and unlimited potentials. TawkTo is great for startups flying lean and also a great choice if you're looking to outsource customer care. Their "Customer-care As A Service" feature lets you hire live agents and pay by the hour. I wouldn't recommend TawkTo if "sleek" and "modern" are your buzzwords though.

Choosing the right live chat app for your business is just a piece of the puzzle, you should have a responsive team too because even Crisp Chat's Crappy Bird 🐦 won't stop your visitors from bouncing.